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Letter: Let’s consider ‘the wall’ in another relevant context

I was thinking about “the wall” the other day and I couldn’t help but remember how excited the overwhelming number of Americans were when the Berlin Wall fell. It was a shining moment for democracy and freedom.

It was the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union. America and its Western Allies had accomplished the impossible. Ronald Reagan had cemented himself alongside Roy Rogers, Audie Murphy, Jimmy Stewart and Superman.

Life held promise, maybe the Cold War had finally begun to melt. There was music and dancing in the streets of Berlin, New York, Paris and London. There was laughter, parades, camaraderie and dreams.

I think it’s high time we, as Americans, take our turn to build a wall so that a future generation can have a taste of that spirit of liberty as it someday comes crashing down.

Our generational moral legacy should encompass more than just global warming.

George Tutuska


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