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Letter: It is time to rephrase the divisive MAGA slogan

It’s quite ironic that many who wear MAGA hats in the name of patriotism actually seem more of a mind to “Make America Hate Again.”

Aside from the Civil War, has our country ever been more divided than at present? And all sides of the social and political spectrum have contributed to this vast, contentious division.

As the moral of an Aesop’s fable states, “United we stand, divided we fall.” This great nation called the United States has been inspired throughout its history by the notion of “E pluribus Unum.” Lately though, the prevailing sentiment across our land has tended toward pitting sides against each other with no genuine attempt to seek a middle ground or to even consider the other side’s viewpoint.

Again, both sides must claim some accountability for this ideological civil strife. But isn’t it the job of a country’s leader to try to heal divisions and unite a fractured country? Sadly, the so-called president of our nation has been at the very forefront of fanning the flames of bias, bigotry, fear and hate from the very day he announced his candidacy for the office. Nor does he show the slightest indication that he’s willing to make the slightest effort to change anything about his lifelong style of bullying his way through whatever he undertakes.

MAGA? How about MACA – Make America Civil Again! Only then can we truly pull together as a country and once again embrace the greatness for which America stands.

Michael Scully


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