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Letter: Gladys Knight’s rendition of the anthem moves veteran

As a combat wounded veteran who has experienced the singing of the national anthem for many decades, I must say that Gladys Knight in Super Bowl LIII last Sunday and Whitney Houston during Super Bowl XXV in Tampa were

very best.

I was choked up in Tampa watching U.S. snipers on the rooftop of the stadium during the Gulf War and with my hand over my heart, and tears running down my cheek, listened to Whitney belt out my country’s anthem.

That moment came again while watching it at home. It may not have been a Super Bowl, but it certainly was a Super Anthem.

Thank you, Ms. Knight for instilling in me that feeling once again that the shedding of my blood was all worth it and I would do it again for this great country.

In patriotism.

Jim Schaller


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