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Letter: Gates Circle restoration is waiting to get started

In a recent article Stephanie Crockatt, executive director of Buffalo Olmsted Park Conservancy, wrote a positive review of the transformation in our parks with rehabilitation, restoration of gardens and traffic circles all of which were completed in the past decade.

She is seeking public input on “new project priorities for park enhancements” and asks what “exciting opportunities” lie ahead.

Well, welcome to the forgotten decade that Olmsted Gates Circle has experienced from autos that have smashed into the circle causing untold thousands in damage to its structures.

The City of Buffalo has collected money from insurance companies that covered these damages.

This significant gem of the original Olmsted plan is left with broken granite benches and lampposts sending an ugly message to all who enter Gates Circle that Olmsted envisioned.

Councilman Joel P. Feroleto has been very responsive to our efforts to raise awareness of the work needed at Gates Circle through an initial meeting we scheduled.

The councilman scheduled a follow up meeting with Crockatt and spent time researching the financial way forward for Gates Circle.

We are told by Feroleto that there is a city budget allocation of $149,000 established for the restoration work at Gates Circle.

But will it be done?

Gates Circle should be one of the “exciting opportunities” as well as “project priority” of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy in 2019.

If this damage had been done to McKinley Square at Buffalo’s City Hall within sight of our mayor’s office, this restoration would have been completed years ago.

Joseph Costantini


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