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Letter: Cuomo just doesn’t get it when it comes to gun laws

It was interesting to see The News article that homicides spiked in 2018. This is after the SAFE Act had been in effect for six years.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo bragged that this was the law that would greatly reduce “gun violence.” As usual, he was wrong about that. Now, he wants to make the law more restrictive and will come up with similar results.

In the first place, none of these laws will do anything to reduce the criminal misuse of guns. Most of the guns used in criminal activities are obtained the same way addicts get illegal drugs. They buy them on the street. Some do buy them by passing a background check which indicates that the check is just an inconvenience to the killer.

Now, the governor wants more useless restrictions added to those already proved to be of little use to stem violence.

Most of the law affects only the law-abiding citizen. A false report by a hospital, doctor, social worker or some medical practitioners can cause a person to lose four constitutional and civil rights without due process.

Not only that, they are put on the federal NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) list which disqualifies them from owning a gun. It is extremely difficult and expensive to be removed even when the mistake is confirmed by a judge.

The simple reason the SAFE Act and new laws are ineffective is because criminals don’t obey laws. Obviously, the politicians are not smart enough to figure that out.

Budd Schroeder


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