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Letter: Brokaw owes no apology for assimilation comment

Tom Brokaw should not have apologized. What’s wrong with what he said? That he would like for Hispanic Americans to better assimilate in this country. Maybe Brokaw was a little inartful in his brief comments.

He might have added something more along the lines “so that Hispanic Americans can participate more fully and thrive.” Italians and Kenyans and Hungarians and Asians and Puerto Rican’s and European Jews, etc., become Americans in this land of opportunity and freedom but can still retain much of their ancestral culture.

OK, I’m not really worried about Brokaw. The guy has had a fabulous career. My more serious concern is that too much of our country is reverting to political and sometimes ethnic tribalism and establishing enclaves that emphasize separateness and belligerence. Indeed, there is some angry sentiment along the lines of “it’s not

country, it’s always been your country and we just happen to live here.”

Our United States so much needs leadership that can represent just cause but also unity. I voted for Barack Obama twice but was ultimately disappointed. I voted for Donald Trump but again he’s not connecting with so many of our fellow countrymen. And one further thought regarding assimilation … are we teaching American history so that our young people learn, understand and can be inspired?

David Casassa


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