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Letter: Trump has not done much to assist the middle class

What exactly has Donald Trump done for the middle class in America?

He promised tax reform. But the tax bill he signed gave 83 percent of the tax break to the top one-tenth of 1 percent and increased the deficit so much that down the road cuts will have to be made in middle class benefits like Social Security and Medicare.

He brags about the stock market.

But the market has gone up and down like a yo-yo and middle-class 401ks are hurting.

His numbers on the economy are no better than in Barack Obama’s recovery. And his “deregulation” has hurt many middle-class safety programs like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration.

He promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington but, at least anecdotally, sits atop the most corrupt administration in American history.

Trump said he would bring back manufacturing to the United States but his tariffs have done just the opposite. Sorely needed “infrastructure” repair was a top priority. Not a word about it.

He said drug prices would decrease, but Trump’s latest proposal would increase prices and bring back “pre-existing conditions.”

He’s abandoned our allies around the world and sided with our enemies, especially Vladimir Putin.

He promised a “wall” that Mexico would pay for. And what may be the greatest crisis of our time, “climate change” has been totally ignored in favor of greed.

But most of all, because he is a compulsive liar, and because of his attacks against American institutions like the FBI and his ties to enemy countries, he has demeaned the office of president to its lowest level since the Nixon administration and possibly worse.

America has certainly not become “great” or even good again for the middle class under Trump!

John W. Kowalski


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