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Letter: Trump has more in common with Nero than Know Nothing

There was a letter in the paper comparing Republicans to the Know Nothing party. I would go back a bit further since with Donald Trump we appear to have an American Nero.

Why do I say that aside from the obvious shutdown/fiddling while Rome burns comparison?

• Nero was an admitted hedonist devoted to satisfying his own appetites. So is Trump.

• Nero surrounded himself with obsequious toadies eager to tell him anything he wanted to hear. This seems to be the most important job requirement for the Trump administration. But when people only tell you what you want to hear you don’t hear what you need to. The Republican party have fit into the role nicely. Even during the 2016 GOP primary his opponents ran against him like they wanted to hit him up for money later. By the time they realized that was a losing tactic it was too late. But this trait aids the next one.

• Nero had a misguided belief in his own divinity/superiority. The GOP should’ve pointed how past government shutdowns worked for them … they might’ve but he probably didn’t listen. There are even taped interviews of Trump claiming his superior genes led to his success. In his mind it made him smarter and better than the average Joe. But in truth his genes are responsible, having a rich dad is the most surefire way to get rich.

• Nero demanded absolute fall on your sword from his people but that loyalty was mostly one way. Amazing how many Trump appointees were said to be the best of the best are now proclaimed by Trump to be lying, incompetent lowlifes now that they finally realized that loyalty was a bear-trap.

• Nero was famous for finding scapegoats. When Rome burned Nero was blamed and he quickly blamed members of a new religion. Christians. And torturing Christians became the new entertainment fad.

Trump has been blaming Democrats for his problems for two years which is funny for them, they have been a minority in the House and Senate. Did he think the House was going to kowtow without a Republican majority?

Larry Schultz


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