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Letter: Too many stadium studies and not enough leadership

Again, the rumblings are heard around Western New York concerning a new stadium for our beloved Bills.

Seems like we also need a new convention center in order to compete on the national level. There are two entities in this city who could without any state, county or city financial help build a state-of-the-art stadium/convention center.

Without consulting them would be a major mistake. There also is no need for politicians to enter this process. In my life time they have screwed up numerous projects and we have paid for facilities that were never built.

No need for any more studies. From what I understand there are groups from other cities that come to Western New York to study our studies.

We are the City of Come Close. Enough!

The Pegula and Jacobs empires should be gifted the downtown properties need to construct this facility. I question how much all the vacant buildings, lots and land along the waterfront pay in city or county taxes. No tax break, just free land.

New motto for downtown development: Lead, follow or get out of the way! There should not be another cent spent on the facility in Orchard Park unless the plan calls for a dome!

For once let’s make Western New York a lighthouse city and build a showcase facility that will make Buffalo fans throughout the world proud. Let’s go Buffalo!

Bill Krieger


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