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Letter: Society’s health should outweigh marijuana profits

As an octogenarian I remember when all the cool guys in high school carried a pack of cigarettes in the arm of the tee shirts. In college, many of the BMOC (big men on campus) and a significant number of co-eds (female students) thought it sophisticated and very adult to smoke.

Movie stars on screen were often featured smoking. Their Hollywood faces appeared in commercials and on billboards. Service men were given cigarettes as part of their K rations. In the 1940s 45 percent of Americans “admitted” to smoking. In the 1970s it decreased to 32 percent and in the 90s it went down to 26 percent. Now in 2019 it is down to 15.5 percent. Don’t you ever wonder why?

It obviously has taken some time but hopefully we have learned a valuable lesson before we rush so quickly to accept marijuana. Your health should be more important than money to be made.

Marshall J. Duguay Ph.D


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