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Letter: Secondhand smoke effects can cause drowsiness

This is about the proposed legalization of marijuana. Specifically, secondhand smoke. I do not smoke marijuana as I like to be “in the moment” and to keep a firm hand on what’s going on around me. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude or stick in the mud, and I love to have a fun time.) But I have been in the presence of people smoking and this stuff makes me sleepy … very sleepy.

I’m sure it gives others a secondhand “high,” when none is wanted. Most of us non-partakers don’t use for a reason. If this is made legal, would we then be bombarded by clouds of reefer wherever we went? Or would the “no smoking” laws of cigarettes pertain to weed also? Just asking, “cuz I don’t need any more sleep than I already get!”

Maureen S. Traina


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