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Letter: Public should be wary of viral social media

Recently a group of Kentucky students visiting our capital in Washington were verbally accosted by a group of hateful radical adults simply because many of the students were seen wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

This encounter was then “purposely edited” and distributed on social media with the sole purpose of verbally attacking this group of students.

The “edited” video portrayed these students as harassing an American Indian Vietnam veteran. After viewing the entire video, it was found that this encounter was completely the opposite.

The Kentucky students were approached and verbally attacked with hateful anger by a group of radical adults, whose words could not be repeated on television.

This “hate speech,” that is running rampant in this country,

, and

who spew these hateful lies must be held accountable!

There has to be consequences to “

” who spread this hate that in this case will probably affect these young students lives in one way or another.

I’m sure our forefathers did not intend to protect those who spread “lies” in their hateful speech, when they penned the First Amendment of our Constitution.


attorneys of law out there. Band together, identify

who have spread these hateful lies over the airwaves as in this case, and prosecute these individuals “pro bono,” to the fullest extent of the law.

Maybe then, people will think first before taking to the media with this type of hateful act in the future.

Ken LaDue


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