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Letter: President’s lost credibility may hurt in crisis times

A brief article in the Jan. 22 Political Notebook column of the Jan. 22 Buffalo News served to reinforce a concern I have for the leadership of this nation.

The article enumerated the thousands of “false and misleading claims” made by the president during his first two years in office.

I was raised to believe that “honesty is the best policy” and “a man is as good as his word.” Through many actions, large and small, the president has demonstrated that he does not adhere to those beliefs.

A major reason that the recent partial government shutdown began and then extended for a record number of days is the absence of trust between the executive and legislative branches due, in large part, to the president’s habitual patterns of deceitful behavior. Our relationships with foreign allies also suffer from a lack of trust in our nation’s elected leader.

To date during this president’s tenure, the United States has not faced a true national emergency.

Should such an emergency arise, my concern is that the president does not possess the credibility necessary to unify the nation and/or enlist our allies in an effective response.

Steven Cotten


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