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Letter: Let’s not revisit recent government shutdown

An article in The Buffalo News on Jan, 27 which was sourced from the New York Times and notes that the $5.7 billion ($5,700,000,000.00) requested to fund the Great Tweeter’s wall is apparently for just 234 miles. If my math is accurate, that is $24,358,974.00 ($24.3 million) per mile or $4,613.44 per lineal foot. I believe you could buy a whole lot of chain link fencing and razor wire for a small fraction of that amount, assuming we even needed such an archaic barrier.

Congress was absolutely justified in denying POTUS’s request and insisting that border security can be greatly enhanced using contemporary technologically efficient means for perhaps a third of the $5.7 billion.

It is unfortunate, no criminal; that he chose to shut down the government, crippling the economy and leaving 800,000 federal employees out of work in a failed attempt to satisfy his vanity. Let us pray that he is not moronic enough to repeat the scenario in three weeks!

Peter P. Schifferli


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