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Letter: Dems have good reason for reaction to Schultz

I watched the Democrats’ initial freak out over Howard Schultz’s entrance into the presidential race. Fortunately, they’ve since been able to put this into perspective. They just needed to remember why they gained 40 seats in the House in November.

It turns out Democrats really like elected officials who struggled, like them, to enter the middle-class. They also prefer elected officials who look like them, which is why this freshman class is the most diverse in American history. Elected Democrats understand they need to be both pro-worker and Progressive. They also understand the need to focus on both legislation and oversight. They are proving, under the capable leadership of Nancy Pelosi, it is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time.

They are not a radical left. Schultz is simply trying to paint them that way. He’s arguing that both the Democratic and Republican parties are too extreme. He believes he can bring them together. Of course, he has to say that to cover up why he actually entered the race.

Democratic plans to address wealth inequality threaten entitled billionaires. Democrats don’t like it when a politician makes decisions based on his own personal monetary gain, as the current occupant of the White House does.

If current Democrats and Republicans are able to compromise on issues like immigration reform and healthcare, Schultz has no reason, other than his pocketbook, to enter the Presidential race.

Also, Michael Bloomberg is already in the race as a self-funding candidate and he has actual governing experience. Voters simply don’t need a Schultz option.

The Democratic Party has moved to the left. Voters want Medicare for all, more affordable college, universal pre-K, a living wage and a green new deal. They are struggling economically. They are looking for leaders who understand their experience. Politicians like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Julián Castro are demonstrating they do.

Helaine Sanders, LMSW, JD

East Amherst

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