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Editorial: It seems to us – Snakes in the john, a job well done, Schneiderman returns, and about this day

Sure, we get a little snow in Western New York and, as we saw this week, it can get chilly. But in case anyone needs a reminder of why this is a great place to live, consider what is happening in Australia, where it is summer and temperatures have soared as high as 116 degrees.

There, because of the heat, it has become challenging just to wash up or otherwise make use of the bathroom. The reason: Snakes are seeking relief from the heat and a cool drink of water by occupying shower stalls and toilets.

Nothing to worry about, says an expert from the University of Melbourne. Just be aware of your surroundings.


Blizzard, please.


Speaking of snow and unwelcome temperatures, while three lives were unfortunately lost in this week’s brutal weather, the region seems to have acquitted itself well, with most residents staying off the roads, streets quickly plowed and not a lot of fuss. We know how to do this and we did it well. Everyone take a bow. Then get back to work.


May “the Schneid” be with you.

Eric Schneiderman, the former state attorney general who resigned last spring after allegations of sexual harassment and abuse made by four women, may be carving out a new career as a meditation teacher.

The New York Post and Daily News both reported that Schneiderman was part of the recent graduation class of new teachers at the Path Meditation in Manhattan.

“I think he sought Buddhism to alleviate internal pain,” a friend of Schneiderman told the Post.

Now perhaps the ex-AG can answer the famous Zen riddle, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” That’s all the applause he’s ever likely to hear again in New York.


Groundhog Day is an underappreciated mile marker on the slog through winter, but after this week’s miseries, perhaps it will get a little more respect.

This is a dividing line. Before it is darkness. After it, the sun hangs longer in the sky, temperatures moderate (eventually) and signs of spring abound, in imagination if not always in fact.

In that regard, it doesn’t in the least matter if Punxsutawney Phil or any other critter sees his shadow. We’re on the downside of winter, now, and clawing our way back into warmth that comes nowhere near 116 degrees.

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