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Letter: Trump’s actions, so far inspire no confidence

Donald Trump ran for president as an outsider who would shake up the status quo in Washington and solve our nations’ financial problems. So now, we’re two plus years in and it’s time to assess the progress of his administration.

On the plus side, Trump seated two conservative judges on the Supreme Court (although in reality Mitch McConnell had to go “nuclear” to get the confirmations.) The economy has continued its long upward climb and the Republicans passed sweeping tax reform that overwhelmingly favored the economic elite. So that’s the good.

On the negative side, Trump has propped up the regimes of dictators around the world, while shunning our longtime allies.

He has disavowed all scientific evidence as to the threat of climate change. He has weakened many consumer protection plans that were put in place by previous administrations.

Countless members of his inner circle have either found guilty or indicted for crimes. But, most, egregiously, he has failed in the number one job of president, i.e., be a true leader of the free world. If anyone needs any proof of this just look at the latest government shutdown.

While creating an “emergency” at our southern border to try and fulfill his ridiculous campaign promise to build a Mexican-funded wall, he cost millions of Americans lost income and access to needed government programs.

He proved beyond a shadow of doubt that lacking his cadre of New York lawyers and big-city thug tactics he was unable to negotiate a deal that works for both political allegiances.

In the end he capitulated because his massive ego could not bear the thought of compromise.

Where we go from here is still to be determined, but, this is a sad ending for a man who lacks any ability to actually govern our great country.

Richard A. Piechowicz


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