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Letter: Green economy must replace dangerous fossil fuels

Upon picking up any local newspaper there are often tragedies regarding fossil fuels:

• Jan. 22 a Tanzanian flagged tanker caught fire as it was transferring liquefied petroleum gas. Fourteen crew members died, 12 were hospitalized and six are missing.

• A Jan. 21 article noted the death toll from a fuel pipeline explosion in central Mexico of 91 people.

• A May 23, 2018 article regarding keyless entry cars noted 28 people died of carbon monoxide exposure last year. People who were used to shutting their automobiles off with keys and in switching to keyless entry cars have left them on in their attached garages.

• On April 20, 2010 after an explosion on the BP owned Deepwater Horizon oil rig 11 workers went missing and are assumed dead. Seventeen workers were treated with injuries.

• In our own backyard on Dec. 27, 1983 Buffalo firefighters responded to a call regarding a propane gas leak. Shortly after their arrival the propane ignited. Five firefighters and two civilians were killed in the blast. Dozens more were injured. It remains the largest single day loss of life for the Buffalo Fire Department.

These are tragedies for the loved ones lost, the injured, all of their families as well as loss of property and the deleterious effects on our economy and environment.

Dangerous fossil fuels are being replaced by the growing green economy: wind turbines, solar panels and geothermal heat pumps. Your local Sierra Club is involved in these solutions. Take a look at Find out what you can do to help.

A smart safe future is ours to create.

Richard Steinberg


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