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Need to warm up, Buffalo? Head to Antarctica. Or Alaska.

Need to warm up a bit?

Try Antarctica. Or Greenland. Even Alaska.

Parts of each of those places all expect warmer temperatures today than the 5 degrees that's forecast in Buffalo.

Thank the polar vortex's week-long southern vacation for that.

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The displacement of the Arctic air is sending chills down the spines of residents from Minnesota to Maine, while other traditionally frigid environs far to the north – and way, way south – are abnormally warm.

Take Nome, Alaska, for instance. It was a relatively sultry 23 degrees there Wednesday – 10 degrees warmer than average for the western Alaskan outpost. Forecasts show it'll be sunny there today with highs in the middle teens.

That's still warmer than Buffalo.

At Nuuk on Greenland?

It'll be partly cloudy with some wind today, according to, but temperatures should reach into the teens. And they shouldn't see the single-digits. On Friday, it will even push toward 30 degrees, the forecast shows.

That will be twice what Buffalo's forecast temperature is expected to be.

But Antarctica, really?

It's true. Even the mostly ice-covered continent at the bottom of the earth is forecast to be warmer than Buffalo today.

Scientific researchers at the Argentine Belgrano II Base station on Antarctica are expected to bask in temperatures of 24 degrees today and 26 degrees on Friday, according to

One thing to remember, though: It's a midsummer's day there way, way down under.

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