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There's a travel ban in my town. Should I drive?

Orchard Park Police Chief Mark Pacholec has a message for anybody thinking about getting in a car this afternoon.

"Stay off the roads," he urged.

Orchard Park is among a dozen towns where travel bans has been declared.

That means technically, you could be arrested. It's a misdemeanor to be on the roads in Orchard Park.

It's also dangerous.

"It's pure white out here," Pacholec said. Earlier in the afternoon, he had helped one of his officers push a car back on the road on Abbott Road. "You literally couldn't see more than 10, 15 feet."

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Throughout the day, Orchard Park police have been dealing with numerous cars off the roads, especially Route 219.

"People aren't heeding the ban," he said.

Pacholec understands if someone had to go to work, say at a hospital, and was coming back home to Orchard Park.

Police officers have discretion in giving out tickets and are probably too busy to be arrested driving ban scofflaws.

His advice: "Stay home. It's just that simple."

Headed south on your PM commute? Expect a nasty, maybe impossible, drive.


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