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Letter: Viewpoints column titles promote binary thinking

I look forward to the editorial section of the Sunday paper each week. I don’t look for articles that agree with my view of the world, but rather ones that stretch my views.

However, I must point out the binary/black and white posted views about the wall in the Jan. 20 edition were placed just above David Brooks’ excellent column decrying just such binary views in our society.

Though I personally believe that there are some areas of our border that need a physical wall, while in more rugged areas of the mountains and deserts, an electronic fence would be more efficacious, posting the two arguments as “YES” and “NO” seems to further binary thinking. Why not post the two columns as “PRO” and “CON.” or “FOR” and “AGAINST?”

I know these columns provoke thought, and that that is their ultimate purpose. It just seemed that the juxtaposition and wording of your Viewpoints page was jarring from my perspective.

Paul B. Karas, M.D.


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