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Letter: Time is now to declare yourselves for office

Voters are about to see substantial changes in the way elections are run and how voting occurs. Really big changes are afoot in voter registration, casting ballots and the political calendar. All good stuff. All in all, a great victory for New York and democracy, approved by the new legislature in their first week on the job. Nice work.

New York is about to join the majority of states allowing early voting, weekend poll hours and easier registration, among other changes, in reforms long stonewalled by the Republican led-New York State Senate.

The LLC loophole, a campaign finance humdinger is about to be wiped off the books. Primary day is moving from September to June. It’s this change, moving primary day, that is about to set off a political scurry as this compressed timetable is followed for the local elections this year.

Party nominating petitions will be circulated sometime in February instead of the typical June. Meaning that in the next couple of weeks, candidates in local elections (town, city and county etc.) will be nominated by political parties and will include new faces and those up for reelection in an accelerated time frame as required by the new laws.

It remains to be seen what effect these changes will have on the quality of the candidates which emerge as the new law is implemented.

Here’s hoping for robust voter turnout by an energized electorate and perhaps several spirited races challenging incumbents lacking sufficient accomplishments to warrant reelection.

So those thinking of running for local office, time is awasting. Toss your hat or hairband in and declare your intentions today! Now is the time for all good (wo)men to come to the aid of their party.

Michele Marconi


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