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Lockport could fill thousands of potholes, thanks to Domino's Pizza

Potholes may be ruining a lot of takeout pizzas in Lockport, but pizza fans can soon expect better deliveries after Domino's Pizza sends City Hall a lot of dough.

Domino's Pizza intends to send the City of Lockport a $5,000 grant to fill potholes.

The pizza chain started a contest last summer to pick one community in each state for the grants, and Lockport's ZIP code received the most nominations in New York State.

Domino's aired commercials about the launch of its Paving for Pizza program, saying too many takeout pizzas were being ruined when delivery drivers drove over potholes.

That might strike some as funny, but Michael E. Hoffman, Lockport highways and parks director, doesn't consider the $5,000 grant a joke.

He thinks of all the hot asphalt the city can buy.

"With that, based on last year's prices, you could buy 80 to 90 tons," Hoffman said.

Lockport crews fill 30 to 50 potholes with a ton of "hot patch," depending on the size of the holes, he said. So the Domino's money could be used to fill as many as 4,500 potholes.

Lockport's entire pothole budget is $60,000, which includes $50,000 to patch individual holes and $10,000 to simply pave over areas with a lot of holes close to each other.

If the Common Council votes to accept the money Feb. 6, the city would begin using it to buy hot patch when the local asphalt plants open around April 15.

Council President Mark S. Devine admitted that Lockport has a reputation for potholes, but so do other cities.

"It's a company that wants to do a little advertising and help communities out," Devine said. "How we got it, I don't know."

Domino's spokeswoman Danielle Bulger said the pizza company plans to award $5,000 to one ZIP code in every state. Bulger said 17,000 ZIP codes were nominated by 190,000 people. She didn't have figures on how many nominations Lockport's 14094 ZIP code received.

Although the city will receive the money, the ZIP code also covers the Town of Lockport and parts of four other towns.

Since it's a 50-state promotion, grant recipients have included some places not associated with potholes. Jackson, Miss., for example, fixed exactly two potholes with its $5,000, according to the promotional website; Burbank, Calif., repaired five.

In colder climates, Milwaukee and Des Moines filled 200 potholes each. Kinston, N.C., repaired 135 holes.

Bulger said Lockport would have to sign a contract pledging to use the $5,000 for street repairs.

Domino's also will send a stencil of its logo that can be painted over the potholes its grant repairs.

"We probably will do some for the heck of it," Hoffman said. "They gave us $5,000."

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