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Grandmother bilked out of $5,500 in phone 'bail' scam

WHEATFIELD —  A Jagow Road woman thought she was helping her grandson out of a jam, but ended up being bilked out of $5,500 in a popular telephone scam, Niagara County sheriff's deputies said.

The woman received a call earlier this month from someone claiming to be her grandson. The caller claimed he was arrested after being involved in an automobile accident. The man said that he needed bail money, and asked the victim not to contact his mother due to his embarrassment over the situation.

The victim was advised to split $5,500 in cash between two manila envelopes, and to mail both to an address in the Bronx. After doing so, she was contacted the next day by the same man, claiming he was still in jail and needed another $6,000. At that point the victim became suspicious and contacted the grandson's mother, who confirmed that he was safe at home in California. The victim then contacted authorities.

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