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Four suspects, three tactics equal big losses for NF Home Depot

NIAGARA FALLS — Police said that four suspects used a variety of techniques to steal more than $1,200 worth of merchandise from the Home Depot on Builder's Square in recent days.

The first incident occurred on Jan. 12, when a woman switched bar codes on two expensive items and benefited by $235, according to reports. The woman purchased two items with a total value of $248, but went to a self-checkout line and scanned bar codes, resulting in a total charge of only $12.94, which she then paid.

Five days later, store officials told police, a man and woman loaded two flat carts with the identical eight items, totaling close to $500. The woman paid for her cart and left the store, handing her receipt to the man outside. He then returned inside and left with the second cart, showing an employee the receipt as "proof" of his purchase.

The final incident happened Tuesday, when a man stashed two items valued at $468 inside his jacket and ran from the store. He was confronted outside, where he hid briefly behind a vehicle before running behind a nearby motel. Store officials believe he was later picked up by a woman involved in the theft.

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