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Letter: Weather forecasts could us some sunnier news, right now

This time of year, is when I and many others start getting depressed listening to the gloom and doom news casts which I believe tend to scare many by the way the weather is being predicted.

I think we are all hoping they are wrong or at least that it doesn’t happen as bad as they say it will be. Now we even have would-be forecasters posting weather reports on line as if we don’t have enough thrown at us, three or four times an hour with the news.

I tend to shy away listening because it really puts me in a bad mood, and at times makes it harder to go to sleep. I know they are just doing their jobs, trying to warn us, but maybe they can lighten it up a little if possible. I wonder how many people start thinking of moving if they could.

They say New York State has lost many people, was it the weather, taxes or something else?

If it’s true that the climate is warming, can’t wait.

John Guzzi


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