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Letter: Trump’s falsehoods will soon be revealed

Our nation is going through a nightmare because Donald Trump, the most unfit presidential candidate ever, scared voters and successfully lied himself into a victory he never expected or wanted.

The truth about Trump and his campaign has been and is being reported by reputable, trustworthy major media – real journalists – and I recommend reading Christopher Steele’s 35-page dossier. The truth is all there, for everyone who refuses to allow Trump to gaslight them with his daily word salad.

I’d suggest to every Trump supporter who gleefully participated in his ancient Rome-like rallies, where he insulted other candidates, the free press, institutions and pillars of our democracy, do your patriotic duty now and help end this unnecessary government shutdown that the “greatest dealmaker ever” created.

We have the video of Trumpsters shouting “Mexico” when Trump asked who was going to pay for the wall that he, and only he, campaigned on. If Mexico is paying for the wall, then why is the petulant Con Man-in-Chief demanding that American taxpayers pay for it?

So, Trump believers, please divide the $5.7 billion he wants to end the shutdown by the number of Trump voters and pay your fair share.

Send your check to the White House, payable to “Donald J. Trump Legal Defense Fund.” Because that wall is never going to be built.

Victor C. Laudisio

Orchard Park

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