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Letter: Our United States: Say it loud and proud

In nearly everything I read or see on TV our country is called America.

Our president is called the American president, our people are called Americans, our flag is called the American flag.

Now our newspapers and TV newscasts say Central American caravans are preparing to enter America. I wonder if the people on the other side of the world ask themselves, does the United States still exist?

Our local hardware store advertised American flags for sale. There’s no such thing. Our flag is the United States flag. The two most powerful words ever coined on planet Earth are “United States,” the most powerful country in the world. Our nation is the greatest because the United States citizens made it that way.

Whenever our president speaks from a podium it says President of the United States. Our post offices say United States.

Is it true our country and the people in it are losing much of our identity? Please stop and think for a moment how you identify yourself and our country when you go to bed in the United States and continue to sleep with no fear.

Howard Hoffman

East Aurora

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