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Letter: Marijuana is not exactly the ‘gateway’ some claim

I’ve read more than a few letters from ex-law enforcement figures and prosecutors. All suggest marijuana is a “gateway drug.” I have some 50 years of experience myself with marijuana and would like to add what I’ve observed over the years.

Every alcoholic has started with one drink. Every obese person may have started with one cookie. Every tobacco user started with one cigarette. Every dedicated jogger started with one lap around the park.

The point is that there will always be people who abuse these things and it’s ridiculous to suggest it happens to any more than the numbers for the above mentioned “vices.” What studies will always show is that there are far more violent incidents, and car accidents fueled by alcohol than there are with marijuana. Responsible people will make responsible choices.

As with most things … moderation is the key.

Vincent Arnone


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