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Letter: It is impossible to wall off the world

Do we need a wall? What kind of wall should it be? How long should the wall be? What are the historical precedents for border walls, and how well have they worked?

Do we have the technology to build the kind of impregnable wall that will hold back the ravenous hordes and keep our well informed and knowledgeable citizens safe and free from murder, rape, the flood of drugs, crime and criminal gangs and the diseases carried by the horde?

And finally, are there any foreseeable consequences, or possible consequences, to building this wall?

Has Trumpty Dumpty, sitting on building his wall, considered any of these questions; having stoked the fires of nativism in this republic, once again?

And are we withdrawing our troops from Syria, only to have to send them south of the border to rescue all our citizens that have been lured there by blandishments of exotic landscapes, indigenous history and artifacts, low cost retirement in friendly locales?

Obviously, these citizens have been lured down there, only to be robbed, murdered, raped, kidnapped, drugged and sex-trafficked, not to mention exposed to a multitude of fatal diseases that will require quarantine, if they are able to escape back to the safety of our republic!

How many have traveled down to that completely hostile environment never to return? We can only hope that this super deluxe wall works as well as the Maginot Line, Hadrians Wall, the Great Wall of China, and the walls of Troy, and Jericho!

I have always found that the walls that work best are those that people erect in their own minds.

Tom Druelinger

East Aurora

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