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Letter: Federal workers cannot ‘simply forego’ being paid

“You simply have to forego being paid for a few days or weeks” was the sentence that peaked my interest in the Jan. 18 letter, “Federal workers’ unease is all for the greater good.”

Simply forego being paid? Is he serious? Does he mean like simply forego eating or paying for utilities? Are those considered luxuries one can “simply forego?”

I truly thought this was a feeble attempt at sarcasm but reading on, realized that whoa, this guy might not be kidding.

He also said he sympathizes for the federal workers and that the shutdown was a very small price for some 800,000 workers. A small price? Again, the whole “simply foregoing being paid” thing?

He speaks of the drugs, crime and gangs that “flow” across the border and how when a gun crime is committed, we cry for more gun control. Of course, we do. But, for the most part, those committing the gun crimes didn’t come across a border. They’re home-grown Americans who can access a semi-automatic as easily as they can buy bubble gum.

No wall would have stopped Sandy Hook or Orlando or Las Vegas or San Bernardino or Pittsburgh. The greatest offense by illegal immigrants in this nation came when people crossed from Canada to the U.S. or via airplanes on 9/11. No wall would have helped there, either.

Simply forego being paid? Surely you jest!

Cynthia Creed


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