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Letter: Comments are insulting to those who run things

I am outraged by the recent comments made by commentators on Fox News, and the head of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, regarding the just-ended government shutdown and federal employees.

Kevin Hassett, the current head of the Council of Economic Advisers characterized furloughs as “vacations.” Other pundits have sardonically dismissed the suffering of these federal workers because the latter receive “great pay and benefits.”

These individuals have shown nothing but contempt for the hundreds of thousands of federal employees who actually run this country. This doesn’t even take into consideration the collateral damage done when people who are not getting paid can’t buy groceries or pay for other items. Passing bills in Congress does not automatically result in the enforcement of those bills.

These federal workers were not on vacation. They were being forced to stay home, ultimately, because of a president who only cares about getting his way and does not care about ordinary Americans. This ultimatum of the president’s is unnecessary, dangerous to our economy and unforgivable.

Our president sees negotiating as getting what he wants and not giving anything in return.

Our government has always functioned with compromise. That is what protects us all from autocracy. If we give in to this kind of intimidation, there will be no end to this kind of irresponsible behavior and we will see more government shutdowns because a president (and his enablers) believe that depriving us of our deserved pay, right to work and civil liberties is the way to run a country.

Adrienne Crandall


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