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Letter: Being good to others enriches our lives

Hello 2019. What do you have in store for us this year? I expect more of the same things that each year has brought us from time immemorial: wars, famine, world protest, corruption, scandals, poverty, man’s inhumanity to man and all the other dastardly things that try each of our spirits.

I cannot change what happens to me in life as the moments and the years go by. I can only enjoy what makes me happy here and now. If we are good enough to others in this life we will cheat death for just a little while longer and will live in the memories of the people who we shared our love and friendship with.

With that said, I repeat my vow to try to make myself a better person tomorrow than I was today. We are here for just a short time and this world can be so dark, but we all must know that each and every one of us is a light that can shine through the darkness to give joy, hope and love to others.

Rob Bullaro


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