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Letter: Attorneys must be held accountable for their actions

As an attorney who has prosecuted abuse and neglect in nursing homes, I look to fellow attorneys to make a difference.

As a parishioner of St. Peter and Paul Parish in Hamburg before relocating to North Carolina, it has been shocking to learn that both a pastor and assistant pastor have been designated as abusers of boys and young men.

This most recent article on the rape and repeated molestation of a 13-year-old boy by Rev. Donald Becker has filled me with disgust and despair for the Catholic Church I so knew and loved. The fact that priests at both St. Francis High School and Canisius High School, schools my sons attended, were also outed as abusers, likewise heightens my concerns.

Now I ask how have respected attorneys in the Buffalo community continued to aid and abet the Catholic bishops in the cover-up and transfer of priests that has allowed this abuse to continue for way too long.

I recognize that attorneys must vigorously represent and defend their clients but at what point does moral repugnance enter the picture and one says enough is enough.

Marie Cosgrove Shea

Fort Mill, SC

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