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Editorial: It seems to us – International moose mania, restaurant noise, a questionable companion

So, our friends in Canada have been drawn into some crazy competition on whose is bigger: Canadians’ or Norwegians’ moose.

This is, evidently, a serious issue.

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, has held the title with its statue of Mac the Moose which, at 32 feet tall, proudly held the record for more than 30 years.

But then, three years ago, those pesky Norwegians bested their Canadian rival by a matter of inches, creating a statue that stands nearly 33 feet high. Now Moose Jaw is mad and it wants to make a bigger Mac. Where will it all end?

It’s complete silliness. Everyone knows the real competition should be on who has the biggest buffalo.

Among the nagging, if less critical, issues dogging Buffalo these days is the sound level in the city’s restaurants. As News Food Editor Andrew Galarneau reported Friday, the decibels really are rising, in part because of the nature of the spaces that new restaurants are occupying: old industrial sites with high ceilings and open ductwork. It all contributes to a rising din that can interfere with conversation and enjoyment.

A number of strategies can help to lower the noise level, including drapes and sound-absorbing panels.

That’s all fine, but there’s another possibility that we offer in a true spirit of helpfulness: Dump the televisions. In most places that aren’t sports bars, they’re nothing but an annoyance. Agreed?

We kid you not: A man in York Haven, Pa., suffers from depression and says his emotional support companion helps ease its symptoms. The creature’s name is Wally. Wally is an alligator.

Wally is 4 years old and is not yet full grown. He could eventually reach 16 feet. His owner, Joie Henney, 65, told the Associated Press that the critter is officially registered as an emotional support animal and performs the requisite duties, including snuggling and giving hugs. Cold chills, anyone? He also eats chicken wings and even shares an indoor plastic pond with a smaller rescue alligator named Scrappy.

Question: Did anyone see the 2005 movie “Grizzly Man,” about Timothy Treadwell, a deluded man who thought grizzly bears were his friends? It didn’t end well.

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