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Letter: Do not allow president’s lies to trick our citizens

Remember WMD’s? Remember the image of mushroom clouds? These horrific images were presented to us by a president for one reason to scare and terrify us to submit to his will. The result was an invasion of a country that had done nothing to us and the so-called WMD’s were never found. All at the cost of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. All for a lie.

Donald Trump is doing the same thing. This egregious con man has been trying to dupe us since he first announced his run for president. At last count over 7,000 documented lies.

Now Trump is trying to sell the American people his idea of a wall to keep out all the people he doesn’t like. There is no border insecurity. There is no invasion or armada flooding our gates, more people die from prescription drugs than from drug traffickers. More people are murdered by homegrown murderers than by people crashing our gates. These are indisputable facts, not lies.

We cannot allow another president to lead us down a black hole of despair with lies and falsehoods. The country should have stood strong the last time a president blatantly lied in our face. We must not let this happen again.

Jim Banko


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