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Letter: Next generation will endure what this president has done

And recently Donald Trump claimed he never said Mexico would pay for his wall. What? His loudest and most repeated campaign promise.

I was going to vent about the latest on Paul Manafort, or Trump’s parroting of Vladimir Putin’s version of events in Afghanistan. How sickening it was to see a United States president openly laughed at during a speech at the United Nations. Turning the Oval Office into the Everglades. Using a State of the Union address to the nation to garner campaign funds. These and a hundred other things he says or does.

But now I realize it doesn’t matter, even what’s uncovered in Robert Mueller’s investigation. There will still be defenders of their king. I always believed that honor, integrity, honesty, empathy and love of country over individuals’ power grabs meant something to everybody.

So, to those who are willing to accept what they’ve witnessed, I will remind you that your children and grandchildren will pay a heavy price. Attacks on a free press, the shredding of our country’s alliances, supporting dictators in Russia and North Korea while publicly casting doubt on our own intelligence agencies’ findings, will hurt the country long after the pretender is gone. The next generation will reap what he has sown.

Len Butski


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