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Letter: Editorial offers undue praise for Housing Authority chief

Hiss! That’s the sound of steam coming out of my ears whenever I am forced to deal with the management of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Marine Drive Apartments.

Whoosh! That’s the sound of the wind blowing through my leaky windows.

Clop! clop! clop! That’s the noise my feet make as I slowly walk up the 12 sets of stairs to my apartment because both elevators are broken down.

That’s me screaming when I read this in The Buffalo News editorial about the BMHA and its new commissioner, “Brown, who took over in October, … spent half his career at the Housing Authority. By all accounts, he has made a strong start,” Aargh! By whose accounts? Certainly not the tenants. Absolutely nothing has changed that the tenants are aware of. The same wrongs are being committed daily by management and help.

Every person in a management position in the BMHA, without exception, should be replaced and every employee should be retrained. This is not to say they were ever trained, in any meaningful way, to begin with.

In closing. I sit here in my apartment, wound up like a three-day clock, waiting for days for the elevators to be fixed.

Sigh! That’s me feeling sorry for myself.

John F. Nostrant


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