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Grand Island goes on record supporting 2nd Amendment, opposing gun control measures

The Grand Island Town Board on Tuesday took a stand against any new gun control measures that they say would further infringe on the rights of gun owners.

The Town Board approved a resolution that opposes the registration of long guns, social media and search engine history background checks for prospective gun buyers and the required purchase of liability insurance for gun owners. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Democratic legislators have said they support new gun control measures, but no bills have come to the floor yet.

The Grand Island resolution, which is largely ceremonial, calls for increasing penalties for gun-related crimes and addressing the intersection of mental health issues and gun violence.

The Town Board in March 2013 approved a resolution in opposition to the SAFE Act, the state's strict gun control measure that passed two months earlier.

Forum on SAFE Act draws backers – and a few critics – of gun rights

Tuesday's vote was 5-0, with Democratic Supervisor Nathan McMurray joining the three Republicans and one Independent on the board.

McMurray unsuccessfully attempted to introduce his own pro-Second Amendment resolution before voting for the resolution introduced by Republican board member Mike Madigan. McMurray's resolution emphasized the grave threat posed by gun violence and the town's support for laws that protect the rights of "lawful" gun owners while keeping the public safe.

The Wyoming County Board of Supervisors earlier this month approved its own pro-Second Amendment resolution.

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