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Letter: Just ask those rich people to help fund a border wall

Before Donald J. Trump was president he owned casinos, hotels and other properties.

During that time his companies declared bankruptcy six times and was not able to pay wages to all the people who worked for him and those who built his buildings. These bankruptcies saved Trump money.

Currently 800,000 government workers are not being paid because of a government shutdown. This action not only hurts this labor force but it also affects other parts of the American population.

Airports face long lines and closed terminals due to a diminished work force. Many workers cannot go to work because their is not enough money for food, rent nor gasoline.

Schools are concerned about providing school lunches. Some food is not being inspected. Many sick people cannot afford to go to the doctor nor pay for their prescriptions. Businesses and homeowners cannot get loans. Coast Guard, prison workers, FBI agents and DMV workers are without paychecks.

The federal Food Stamp program is in jeopardy and aid for farms are being affected. When persons are forced to work without pay, it is a form of slavery.

If Trump wants the “wall” funded, why can’t he have the rich who benefited greatly from the “tax cut” use some of their excess gains to finance the “wall”?

Kathleen Warren


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