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Letter: Electoral College letter raises several questions

An opinion in the Jan. 11 edition in The Buffalo News about the Electoral College stated that the reason that the Electoral College should not be abolished is that two most populated states, New York and California, have large overwhelmingly Democratic populations.

He lists the number of counties that Donald Trump won, inferring that what’s most important in a democracy is geography or where a person lives rather than the sanctity of a person’s vote. That somehow the geographic dispersion of populations is more important than the basic democratic concept of our country, i.e., one person one vote.

I hope that the opinion writer believes that foundation of our democracy; i.e., “all men are created equal,” is a more important determinant of governing than where you live.

The belief that a vote counts more if you live in a less populated area cannot ascend the equality of everyone’s vote. Also, it’s important to note that the only elected person that represents the complete nation and all its people is the president. All other representatives are from states or districts within a state.

If we are to have a nation and not a group of states, then we need at least one person who can unite all of us. That is why a minority president like Trump who is only concerned about his minority is so dangerous.

He divides when he represents his constituency. He does not represent the majority of the population. When he acts in his personal best re-election interest, he ceases to represent the will of the majority of the people of the United States.

A nation divided cannot stand.

John Brandenberger


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