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Letter: Trump has proven to be an inept leader

Donald Trump is irrational as president of the United States. Through his first day in office to the present, the (billionaire?) by his theatrical antics, tweets, is an embarrassment as a country leader. And yet 40 percent of Americans thinks the man is fantastic.

Its pathetic Congress and Senate agreed with the man who wants to deregulate carbon dioxide emissions, use of chemicals like pesticides, to satisfy the oil and chemical industries.

It’s not worth mentioning his character defects; we all have them, however, shutting down the government over a wall at a price of five-plus billion dollars to stop illegal Mexicans, and accusing them of being drug dealers etc.? Apparently, when it comes to national crime, Trump doesn’t read the papers or watch the news … oh, forgive me, they’re fake news.

His obsession is the wall, stone or steel, it doesn’t matter, as long he gets it … even floating the idea of using his power of national emergency. We know why: If he doesn’t get his wall, the 40 percent of voters who supports him would call him a failure; and of course, the 2020 election, if he’s around.

What do I mean? It’s a year for excitement, thrills and Robert Mueller.

Lou Kowal


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