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Letter: Cuomo, de Blasio are picking taxpayers’ pockets at this rate

Hang onto your wallets New York the dynamic duo of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are about to pick it. The socialists/progressives are taking the stage.

Make no mistake, they are one and the same. Socialist doesn’t sound good so they have adopted the word progressive. Between Cuomo’s tax, tax, tax and de Blasio’s free, free, free those moths in your wallets won’t stand a chance.

All one has to do is look around any neighborhood. The infrastructures are so antiquated it’s cost to repair has become astronomical. Go to New York City and see the glut of vacant store fronts, dirty streets and general disrepair, you can thank your progressive governor for that by giving our tax dollars away for free college tuition and medical coverage for all, including illegal immigrants.

Now understand that the good Mayor de Blasio is no second fiddle. He’s creating a free city-run retirement fund for those that need one. Now put that on top of two weeks paid vacation for everyone. Do you realize you’re going to pay for it? You work hard for your money. Unfortunately, they take those hard-earned dollars away with a higher tax and give it away for what they call equality of life. You work hard for it and they give it away to those that don’t.

Free, free, free isn’t free for you. You don’t need a week’s vacation at Disney World with your kids. How about that evening out with dinner, or your kid’s dancing lessons, or gymnastics? You can drive that car another couple of years or take a bus.

I just hope the younger people can see what’s happening. You’re going to pay for all this and more. It won’t stop until you’re working for free.

Keep voting these kinds of people into office and that’s going to be the results of your hard work. Socialism is the mother of Progressivism. They’re going to rob you blind. Steal from the rich and give to the poor but then I always thought that was Robin Hood.

Mark Neupert


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