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Letter: Trump should be dethroned before he does real damage

The man continuously threatens, demands, name calls, blames, lies, mis-quotes, etc., etc., etc., and he always believes he is right and everyone around him is an idiot.

His mental fixation with “his wall” that no one else thinks is a needed or reasonable expense is getting to the point of being a nauseous topic. The government shutdown that he said he was “proud” to implement and that he would not blame anyone except himself for, he is now blaming on the Democrats.

Hundreds of thousands of American citizens are having difficulty feeding their families and paying their bills. What is suggested that they drive for Uber or get some other part time jobs or sell some of the household items they possess. What? Here is my suggestion for a person who does not deserve to be called president. He has fired so many officials that it’s a joke. Just fire everyone and see if he can run the government alone.

He is always bragging how intelligent he is. This should show him how smart he is not. He takes super care of his family, yet he turns his back on the people who put him in office. He is not a leader. He is in it for his own ego trip. He should resign before the Robert Mueller investigation is completed.

I believe his little kingdom will come crumbling down once it is.

William J. Belz Jr.


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