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Letter: Thiessen’s essay on Trump contains misrepresentations

In the Jan. 5 Buffalo News, Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen certainly overlooked Donald Trump’s failures.

Let’s start with the most obvious, Trump’s tariffs have ruined the soybean industry and Ford and General Motors have announced thousands of layoffs due to the tariff on steel.

He failed to get Mexico to pay for the wall.

He failed to provide a more affordable health care program.

He has failed to save the coal industry.

He has failed to keep the “best people” in his cabinet and many of his generals have abandoned their posts.

He gave North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a great photo opportunity, then and agreed to put on hold some military exercises with South Korea, and the USA got nothing for all of this.

He has dishonored the FBI, CIA and called the Robert Mueller investigation a witch-hunt even after it has uncovered guilty associates and issued numerous other indictments.

Eighty years ago Will Rogers said money does not trickle down it trickles up, but Trump’s tax cut has blown a hole in the budget without significantly increasing wages or improving the economy.

He has consistently disrespected leaders from other countries, from pushing Dusko Markovic out the way to walking in front of Queen Elizabeth. Finally, Trump failed to “drain the swamp” with his inability to keep his cabinet members from misusing taxpayers’ money.

Tom Price, David Shulkin, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Steven Mnuchin, Ben Carson and Wilbur Ross have misused hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars. So that is my top 10, a little more realistic than turning down the sound.

Terence Duran

East Amherst

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