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Letter: Schumer, Pelosi are leading Dems down the wrong path

The leaders of the Democratic Party with the help of the mainstream media are trying to take our country down the road to socialism, plain and simple. I am not talking about the members of the party but the leaders thereof.

I thought Chuck Schumer was doing a lot of good as a senator from New York. He was all over the state trying to help our cities and communities.

As Senate Minority Leader together with the most liberal Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi he is a different person, a clone of Harry Reid only a little louder and more articulate; and yes they have a friend in Pope Francis who doesn’t stick to his faith-based infallibility but ventures out like a Jesuit professor from Georgetown University and gets involved with issues of climate change, open borders, and nationalism.

The Democratic leaders want open borders because by championing the cause of the immigrants they will get their votes whether legal or illegal and that means power.

I’m sure Schumer and Pelosi know that insatiable handouts to voters lead to socialism. Maybe they don’t know or worse don’t care it’s all about power! Socialism has never worked for generations.

Look what’s happening in France and what’s happened in other countries burnings of cars, buildings and utter destruction.

Does anyone want that for America? I don’t think so.

For the first time in decades we have a non-politician businessman running our government as a business. How lucky we are that he is trying to preserve our capitalistic system that, albeit some imperfection, is a beacon to the world. But look at the price he is paying.

Richard Grisanti


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