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Letter: Central Library exhibit is sure to evoke emotion

Since the opening of Buffalo’s first free library, the Cyrus Eidlitz-designed building dedicated in 1887, the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library has offered high-quality programs, entertainment, presentations, workshops and so much more, all

. A quick look at their website shows the wide range they have to offer.

I utilize all the libraries in close proximity to my home. Recently I went to the Central Library downtown and attended one of their current exhibits, “Buffalo Never Fails: The Queen City and World War I.” The exhibit is free and the quality rivals any museum.

On display are photographs, letters, helmets, diaries, original posters and so much more. There really isn’t a way to adequately describe what all is there.

The local names and stories bring it all “home” and moves you. At the end, one particular display was a simple photograph, and after viewing all the material that led up to it, was very striking and I realized I had given a soft gasp, as it was unexpected. You could practically feel, all their worry, fear, longing, love, and hope and above all, their pride for loved ones, neighbors and friends who were serving.

I have always felt blessed and been very proud of our American values and ideals and how people gave their lives and loves to uphold it. As most of us do, I sing it, say, salute it but most importantly I live it even when no one is looking.

There is still time to see the exhibit, you will be pleased you attended.

Laura Wright

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