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Letter: Building the wall will protect citizens

Not building a wall on our southern border is immoral. Allowing destitute, uneducated people with limited job prospects to flood across the border into the United States forces taxpayers here to pay more in taxes to feed and house them, plus accommodate their children in public schools and pay for their medical care. Americans are already maxed out caring for our own needy and homeless. We already have 40 million people living in poverty. And we want to add more?

Trump is right proposing that only immigrants who can support themselves without government handouts should be granted green cards and permanent status. Although some politicians call this cruel, why should Americans be compelled to provide a safety net for millions who want to come to this country?

According to a 2018 analysis of census data by the Center for Immigration Studies, 63 percent of households headed by a non-citizen depends on Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance taxpayer funded program. That 63 percent is almost double what it is for American born households.

Today, newly arrived legal immigrants who earn little or nothing are eligible for fully subsidized Obamacare with taxpayers paying the cost. A democracy’s first duty is to protect its citizens. These facts alone support the existence of a wall.

John Orlowski


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