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Letter: Amherst should be known by a more fitting phrase

The town of Amherst held its first Town Board meeting of the New Year on Monday, Jan. 7.

This is the meeting where important committee positions are filled with people whose names are given to the town Supervisor, Brian Kulpa, by the Amherst Democratic Chairman of Amherst Jerry Schad. He gives the names of the individuals he wants on the different committees and the town board puts his choices in the positions he says.

I spoke at this meeting during public expression and explained how our town is not controlled by our elected town officials but by the Republican political boss Jerry Schad. Our government is not a democracy, but a cheap form of a dictatorship.

There are many solid citizens who volunteer for these positions but if you’re not in Schad’s inner circle you have little or no chance to be placed on an important committee, such as the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Kulpa and I have talked about why I wouldn’t be appointed to any important position because of my attacks on our town board who see me as an enemy. We both agree on this and have talked about it many times. There is no spite. I always submit my résumé for different committees including the ZBA, the Amherst Industrial Development Agency and many others.

Amherst is my town and I love it but his type of governing by Democratic bosses has to stop. If our supervisor can’t say no to these bosses he should resign. Amherst should be known as “The Town which Corruption Rules.”

James Tricoli


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