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Letter: Keep driver’s licenses exclusive to legal residents

The absurd reasoning in the Jan. 11 Another Voice, “Widening access to driver’s licenses would benefit state” is laughable at best and disingenuous at worst.

The author, Jennifer Connor, a co-founder of Justice for Migrant Families, WNY, contends that by granting licenses to operate a motor vehicle regardless of immigration status the economic impact to Western New York would be staggering.

Apparently, according to the author, the first thing these newly-licensed drivers would do would be to buy cars and insurance. It strains credibility that this change in our state licensing law would result in seasonal farm workers spending millions of dollars in vehicle purchases, insurance and fees.

What is absolutely true is this is a money grab by the state for additional fees and fines. Why should the “undocumented” enjoy the same rights and privileges as those who come here and follow the proper steps to become documented immigrants.

Allowing undocumented immigrants licenses is not some noble effort but rather another crazy idea from the left to undermine the laws that have served the people of the state well for years.

Seems more like a mad dash for additional votes by some politicians in this case.

Gary Rog


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